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I want my clients to have all the job done fast, and as always, the security is a high priority, so you will be protected.

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About Me

Cheap Price For a High Quality Service

I'm a 15 years old guy, and I love technology. I always try to improve my skills and learn new things everyday. I have about 7 years of experience with terminals, programing, etc.

42 Clients
103 Installations of Panels
15 Servers Owned
+120 Contacts

Contact is the key

I always try to follow the guideline from the client, and if I have any question, I will aks instantly, so the client gets what he wants.

Sys Admin

My Work/Clients

This is some of the works and Projects I've done or I'm doing:



I can do a lot of things, because I love learning new things everyday, and perfect every ability. Here are some of the services I offer:

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Also, you can message me on Discord if you want faster response: ItsDolphinMC#8766